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Study of the quality characteristics of dairy products
Изследване на качествените характеристики на млечни продукти
The physico-chemical characteristics (dry substance, salt content, titratable acidity and fat content in dry matter) of unpacked and vacuum packed Bulgarian cow-brine cheese produced according requirements of Bulgarian State Standard by Rodna Stryaha, Lacrima, Madjarov, Vereya, Saedinenie,Jitnitsa, and Elena were studied. The closest to the indicators of BSS 15:2010 are assortments Rodna Stryha and Madjarov were determined. With the highest salt content near the upper limit of the standard and correlating with the low values ​​of the dry substance indicator (according to BSS), were the cheeses both packs Elena and Vereya. The conclusion was made that the higher salt content of the cheese guarantees longer shelf life of the and product. The fat content in the dry matter of Rodna Stryha cheese was only corresponded to the reference standard values. The established fatty acid composition of the Jitnitsa cheese has shown the presence of palm oil in the product.The titratable acidity of vacuum packed Elena and Jitnica cheeses was below than 200oТ. The sensory analysis shows the best sensory quality of the cheeses produced by Madjarov and Saedinenie dairy plants.
Автори: Zornitsa Kazakova, Petya Dimitrova, Iliana Milkova-Tomova, Lucian Krastev, Yordanka Alexieva, Dragomira Buhalova

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Зърнени култури в основата на човешкото хранене
Studies have shown that the consumption of whole grain-based foods has favorable effects on the human body. The presence of different phytochemicals, like fiber, β-glucan, and polyphenols, has been associated with various health benefits. The compounds present in grains are known to exhibit strong antioxidant properties. They also help combat many diseases i.e. diabetes, obesity, cancer, etc. This paper reviews available information regarding selected grains and their nutritional benefits and thus presents the data summarized and makes it easier for consumers to deal and coginate.
Автори: Dorina Petkova, Aneta Popova, Dasha Mihaylova

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