Catering, tourism, linguistics and economy of food industry

Section „Catering”

Catering as a sustainable business idea in times of economic crisis
Catering as a sustainable business idea in times of economic crisis
Abstract: In conditions of economic crisis in developing countries, the question arises: Does catering as a business idea have sustainable development in conditions of economic crisis? It is precisely the essence of this paper to show catering as a sustainable business investment from the very beginnings of history to the present, from where it will be possible to come to the answer to the previously asked question: Does catering as a business idea have a sustainable development in conditions of economic crisis? So it can undoubtedly be said that catering is a business that is constantly developing. The responsibility for its sustainability, development and quality is quite high аnd falls in particular on the one who leads it for one and only reason that the main element of the concept of this business are the patterns of food serving. Key words: catering, service, food, economic crisis, business concept.
Автори: PhD Goran Mihajlovski, PhD Trajan Dojcinovski, PhD Katerina Bojkovska1,PhD Nikolce Jankulovski

Section „Economics of Food and Biotech Industry”

Consumer preferences to organic agricultural products: the case of south Serbia (Nisava, Pcinja and Jablanica district)
Предпочитания на потребителите за биологични селскостопански продукти: случаят с Южна Сърбия (области Nisava, Pcinja и Jablanica)
Organic farming is considered to be increasingly important, because organic agricultural products are healthier than products which are produced by excessive use of chemical substances. Consumers worldwide are increasingly choosing to buy organic agricultural products although they are usually more expensive. The main objective of this paper is to give us an answer about the importance of organic agricultural products for consumers on the territory of southern Serbia, but also to identify the basic ways to increase demand for these products. The paper presents the results of conducted survey, which indicate that consumers in southern Serbia give relatively little importance to organic agricultural products. Based on the conducted tests of independence and determined contingency coefficient, it can be seen that the level of education has an impact on the consumer\'s decision to buy organic agricultural products, while gender does not have influence on this decision. Preferences to organic agricultural products is highest among the population between 36-55 years. These results suggest that it is necessary to take appropriate measures in order to increase demand for agricultural products of organic origin in southern Serbia. Based on the answers of polled consumers, the growth in demand for these products may be affected by rising living standards, better control of the product on the market by inspection and better education of consumers about the importance of these products for their health through electronic and print media.
Автори: Miloš Stojanović, Irena Stojanov, Edisa Brničanin, Dušan Đ. Paunović, Branka T. Stojanović

Business Models and Evolution of the Companies in Food Industry
Бизнес моделите и развитието на компаниите от хранителната промишленост
In search of new growth opportunities in food processing, companies change their business models. Companies realize that in order to be competitive they must go beyond increasing product innovation in more radical innovations in the business model. This report explores the evolution of content and defines the key features of three major types of business models: classic, social and Industry 4.0, describing the most important elements and providing a structure of a business model for companies in the food industry. The report discovers the most important directions for further research into the effectiveness of implementing a particular business model.
Автори: Gergana Veselinova - Georgieva

Animal insurance is quite important because animal husbandry as one of the important industries is exposed to certain risks that can cause major damage. Risks in animal husbandry are the result of percussion, forced slaughter and danger of an accident. The taking of preventive measures for preventing the occurrence of damages, caused by the risks of the production itself, is in the function of saving and protecting the livestock production itself. Compensation for damage to animals is most often compromised with animal insurance, since the damage caused can be with far-reaching consequences, not only in the concrete production, but also in the production cycle itself. Unlike other animals, fish insurance is done in fish that are grown in a special technological process in specially built swimming pools or cages, for damages caused by illness or accident. The risk of an accident in fish involves poisoning fish, lightning strikes and clogging of inbound canals or grids.
Автори: Trajan Dojcinovski, Nikolce Jankulovski, Katerina Bojkovska, Goran Mihajlovski

Section „Industrial Management of Food and Biotech Industry”

Reengineering communication mix
Abstract: The more and more dynamic process in the global world imposes restructuring of the communication policy at each business organization. Very often in order to resolve those issues, people have to make some drastic changes. Those are the problems, related to the research for opportunities in developing and implementation of re-engineering communication mix, the problems, related to rethinking and rationally combination of advertisement process, PR , sales stimulation, sales, marketing reviews etc. The present survey considers the factors, which impose the implementation of communications re-engineering, opportunities for communication mix’s development by using re-engineering models, systems and tools by some business organizations. Key words: re-engineering, communication mix, business-process, management, efficiency
Автори: Ива Бъчварова

ABSTRACT The article presents results of an analysis of the dynamics in the sugar industry development on a global and European level, aiming to identify the problems and to predict for its future development. The study supports the main research hypotheses, namely by identifying global trends for the sugar industry’s development in conditions of strong competition and pinpoint the position of Bulgarian sugar industry in Europe economy, Bulgarian enterprises in the sector could increase their competitive potential by responding with adequate strategic tools. Keywords: sugar industry, market analysis and forecasting, development trends
Автори: Доц.д-р инж. Валентина Николова-Алексиева Атанас Василев Русинов - докторант

Section „Linguistics and Learning”

Facing Challenges in the Multicultural Classroom
Предизвикателства на мултикултурната учебна среда
Europe and its higher education institutions have been undergoing changes towards globalization of university studies based on different first languages of students and teachers. The international classroom offers new challenges and opportunities, focusing on diversity of cultural background, languages, teaching and learning criteria. The best way to overcome misconceptions and, at the same time, apply high quality training, includes wide discussion of the problems and exchange of good practices. The final outcome should be enhancing and promoting European higher education worldwide. The present survey has studied a learning environment gaining ground in Europe these days – teaching international students in English as a medium of instruction. The research is based on the example of Czech College situated in Prague, where both students and tutors correctly understand, respect and tolerate their language, cultural and religious identity. They demonstrate awareness and willingness for mutual cooperation towards achieving top-notch of learning experience.
Автори: Ина Манева, Савина Маневска, Емилия Койчева

Storing or Stirring: Containment vs Action in English and Bulgarian container terms used in Beverage Production
Вместилище и действие в английски и български термини за съдове в производството на напитки
Terms are related to large bodies of knowledge organised by frames. Corresponding terms in English and Bulgarian afford access to similar conceptual structures; however, the lexical form-meaning complexes in the two languages and the schemas they instantiate differ due to the complex interaction between linguistic and extralinguistic factors. Although the meaning of most container terms is dominated by elements of the Container concept frame and the Containment image schema, a large number of them result from a Container-Action concept interplay. The varying degrees of dynamicity in their meaning arrange them along a static-dynamic cline. The English-Bulgarian parallels established on this basis can be used for translation and teaching purposes.
Автори: Luizova-Horeva, Tsveta, Georgi Kostov

Basic problems in foreign language learning
The knowledge of languages is a major component of the 21st Century educational standard. Today, the ‎term "foreign language" has been replaced by the term "multilingualism". In addition, the new content of ‎language learning has already focused on the formation of pluralizing skills, not on the use of one or ‎several languages by graduates. This article discusses some of the key issues in mastering a new ‎language. The aim of the study is to describe and systematize these problems. Look for ways to ‎overcome them in order for the teacher to manage direct the learning process most effectively, and the ‎learners to achieve the highest possible performance in terms of their individual abilities with the least ‎expenditure of time and effort.‎
Автори: Антоанета Павлова, Мария Кръстева

The paper analyzes the semantics of English and Bulgarian blend words denoting people from the point of view of Conceptual Integration Theory and Frame Semantics. The focus falls on the lexical blends whose meaning is constructed and interpreted with the help of mirror conceptual networks. The description of the blended mental space takes into account the attributes in the organizing frame which are highlighted as active zones in the integration process.
Автори: Корнелия Чоролеева

On the Adverbial in the Bulgarian Sentence
За обстоятелственото пояснение в българското изречение
The adverbial is a part of the sentence which has been studied relatively well. The Bulgarian syntax differentiates seven types of adverbials which can modify the predicate with reference to place, time, manner, reason, condition, purpose, quantity and degree. There are authors who talk about adverbials referring to other parts of the sentence (not to the predicate) or other word classes. Our view is that the adverbial is a function which is defined solely by the predicate in the sentence, and, in the cases when the adverb modifies other parts of the sentence, we talk about a non-coordinated modifier.
Автори: не

Metaphorical compounds in anatomy: Bulgarian- English comparative study
Метафорични композити в анатомията: българо-английско съпоставително изследване
Linguistic comparative studies in anatomy are not at a premium, let alone investigations of metaphor in the field. On the other hand, the issue of compounding is still a controversial one, raising many opposing views among the linguistic community. The opinion presented in this study subscribes to the stance that compounds can be viewed as unified structures, i.e. the separate lexical units in a given word- form are combined so that their aggregate meaning is not subject to mere composition. So, terms such as blind gut, bare area, free margin, have to be analysed as single lexical and terminological units and classified according to the relation holding out between the “head” and the modifier. In anatomy as in all other types of discourse, there are five patterns “whereby conceptual metaphor acts upon the compound” (Benczes 2006:90). The article presents a reasoned analysis of these compounds in both Bulgarian and English anatomical systems. In broader terms, Bulgarian compounds are more both in number and in diveristy as they are lexical calques, while in English code switching and direct borrowing are the norm in motivating term formation. Key words: compound, metaphor, anatomy, comparative study
Автори: Ивайло Дагнев, Мария Сайкова, Мая Янева

Преподаване на условни изречения в английския език чрез електронни езикови ресурси
The categorization and usage of conditional clauses has drawn the interest of generations of linguists working in various linguistic frameworks. Introducing the students to the academic studies on this topic is a compulsory pre-requisite, but it should be properly balanced with their own research experience and that is where language resources fit in. The paper focuses on conditional clauses presented through lexical-semantic databases such as FrameNet and a number of freely available English corpora – The British National Corpus (BNC), The Corpus of Contemporary American (COCA), The News on the Web Corpus (NOW), etc.
Автори: Веселина Койнакова, Росица Декова