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To participate in the 66th Scientific Conference with international participationFood Science, Engineering and Technologies’ 2019” you need to register in the system. You can do this in the Registration after filling out the necessary information:

  Name/Surname - this field is mandatory; name and surname of the author.

  Position/Title - this field is mandatory.

  Organization - this field is mandatory; please indicate the full name of the organization the author represents.

  Country - this field is mandatory; please select your country from the drop-down list.

  E-mail - this field is mandatory; please provide a valid e-mail for contact.

Phone number - this field is not mandatory; Please provide a valid phone number.

•Username - this field is mandatory; serves as a login to the system.

•Password - this field is mandatory; serves as a login to the system.

•repeat password - this field is mandatory; the password from the transition field is repeated.

Content Protection - this field is mandatory; Please enter the sum of the numbers on the left.

After completing the registration form, click the Sending button. The system will check the accuracy of the data entered and the presence/ absence of errors.If your information is entered correctly the system will register you. To log in to your account, select Login and use the username and password you entered. When you log in you will have access to upload the abstract of your report/poster. After uploading the abstract, the corresponding author will receive SWUFT number (SWUFT2017…). This number will be associated with your report/poster. When you perform the bank transfer, please indicate the “SWUFT number” in the bank statement.

Forgotten password

If you forgot your password please write to