69th Scientific Conference with International Participation "FOOD SCIENCE, ENGINEERING AND TECHNOLOGY - 2022"


The University of Food Technologies - Plovdiv was established as the Higher Institute of Food and Flavor Industries (HIFFI) by Decree No. 230 of the Presidium of the National Assembly of Bulgaria of 10 July 1953.

This academic centre for education and research in food science and technology is the only one of its kind in the Balkans. Following its successful accreditation in January 2003, the HIFFI was transformed into a university pursuant to a Decision of the National Assembly of the Republic of Bulgaria. On 23.01.2003, by decision of the 39th Parliament of R Bulgaria, the HIFFI was transformed into University of Food Technologies - Plovdiv (UFT).

The mission and purposes of the UFT have always offered solutions of national problems concerning the development of food and flavor industry, biotechnology, catering and tourism, as well as industrial management, economics of food industry, heat engineering, computer systems and technologies, mechanical engineering and automation of production. In its activities, the UFT is led by experience gathered in the course of more than 60 years, alongside with a constant collaboration with other higher schools in the country and abroad specialized in the same professional fields. Quality and European integration are priorities of the activities of the academic society of the UFT.

The UFT now offers Bachelor’s, Master’s and PhD programs in the technology, engineering and economics of food industry and biotechnology. It employs highly qualified teaching and research academic staff and provides training in up-to-date programs. It is our firm belief that achieving quality of life through safe and healthy food can be guaranteed by the young specialists who receive outstanding training at the UFT. A large number of our graduates have made a career as managers of state-owned or private companies, have become distinguished scientists or prominent public figures.

The University works in collaboration with many foreign universities and participates actively in international research programs, student exchange and study abroad.

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