Registration Fees

Early registration fees - payable not later than 31 August 2023

Delegates - lecturers and researchers – 250 BGN(€ 125)

Delegates - lecturers and researchers (withoutofficial dinner) – 200 BGN (€ 100)

Delegates - PhD students or students – 200 BGN (€ 100)

Accompanying persons – 100 BGN (€ 50)

Participants without report - lecturers and UFTstaff – 100 BGN (€ 50)

Late registration fees – payable from 1 September 2023 till 15 October 2023

Delegates - lecturers and researchers – 300 BGN (€ 150)

Delegates - lecturers and researchers (withoutofficial dinner) – 250 BGN (€ 125)

Delegates - PhD students or students – 250 BGN (€ 125)

Accompanying persons – 100 BGN (€ 50)

Participants without report - lecturers and UFTstaff – 100 BGN (€ 50)


Authors from abroad are required to pay international bank transfer fees at their own expense. In addition to the above participation fees, they must pay interbank transfer fees. The Organizing Committee will not admit authors whose bank transfer amount includes only the participation fee. The Organizing Committee does not undertake to refund authors who have already been sent the participation fees only, without paying the costs of international bank transfers! The Organizing Committee is not obliged to return to the authors the funds sent by bank transfer in case of their cancellation of participation in the conference, requested at a later stage!

The registration fee covers all the conferencematerials (Programme of the Conference, Books of Abstracts, Handouts, Coffee Break and Official Dinner Vouchers).

Manuscripts submitted in English that have successfully passed the peer-review process will be published in the BIO Web of Conferences, indexed in Web of Science.- have paid the participation fee by bank transfer (for early payment by 31.08.2023 and for late payment by 15.10.2023;

  • be submitted to the Editorial Board on time;
  • comply with the volume and layout requirements of the template file;
  • be written in literate English;
  • be presented at the conference in person by the author or at least one of the co-authors (who is an official delegate of the conference).
  • have been assessed as eligible for publication by two independent reviewers;
  • have been corrected by the authors in accordance with the recommendations of the independent reviewers;
  • be returned to the editorial board no later than 14 days after the date of receipt of the e-mail notifying acceptance after necessary corrections;

The registration fee should be paid via bank transfer to the UFT Bank Account.

Beneficiary: UFT, Plovdiv,

Central Cooperative Bank PLC, Plovdiv Branch

Bank account IBAN: BG53CECB97903180002900


The payment order/import note shall state:

In the bank statement as additional information please it is mandatory that you should indicate: the “SWUFT number” that you will receive when you upload the abstract of your report/poster, names and affiliation of the corresponding author.

Names of the delegate/chaperone;


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